7 mindset secrets for life and business success

Success in life and business is never an accident - all success leaves clues. However, for most people consistent, predictable, and repeatable success remains elusive, leading to frustration, a lack of joy for life and burnout.

This is because of unsupportive subconscious habits that were instilled within us during our formative years dramatically affect our performance in both life and business until we learn how to alter them and remove unhelpful beliefs and patterns that no longer serve us.

During this presentation Mark Anthony Baker. A leading international business coach and speaker on mindset and peak performance for three decades will share with you seven mindset secrets that will dramatically enhance your life and career and transform the results you achieve on both a business and personal level.

Mark Anthony Baker (The Belief Doctor) is a world-leading success coach, speaker, corporate trainer, and popular radio and podcast guest. He is the inventor of the Imprint Bracelet, the powerful tool that helps create empowering beliefs within people of all ages.

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