Design Thinking - how it works and why it matters

Creative thinking is a desired skill which can be applied to your personal or business life.  Rod believes that everything should start with creative thinking as it help builds a respectful culture. Creative thinking may feel like a superpower reserved only for a “creative person.” Thankfully, creative geniuses aren’t the only ones who can have innovative ideas. At its core, creative thinking is intentionally gaining new insights and different ideas through existing information.

Often, creative thought involves tapping into different styles of thinking and examining information from different viewpoints to see new patterns. Anyone can foster a creative mind with some practice! Regardless of whether you view yourself as a creative type or not, you can learn some useful skills and techniques which will enable you to tap into that creative ‘right brain’ thinking and bring a new perspective to innovation, problem-solving and managing change.

Rod Bryans, previously the Education minister for Jersey, has been teaching creative and design thinking for over 30 years. Find out how you can adopt methods to increase your ability to think differently.