Government of Jersey - Session 1 - Tackling Transport

Transport accounts for 44% of emissions in Jersey*. During this session we will explain the importance of tackling transport on-Island and provide an overview of the current challenges our transport system presents as we move to more sustainable transport modes.

Speaker Profiles

Nadja Lane

Nadja Lane is an Assistant Policy Officer within the Sustainability and Foresight team, part of the Strategic Policy, Planning and Performance department of the Government of Jersey. Nadja has worked for the Government of Jersey for over a year, following the completion of her MSc in Leadership for Sustainable Development at Queen’s University Belfast in September 2020. In her current role, Nadja has worked on a number of key policies relating to tackling the Climate Emergency, including;

  • Delivering projects within the Government’s Carbon Neutral Strategy.
  • Delivering the Government’s Sustainable Transport Policy’s Strong Start projects.
  • Developing ongoing strategic policies to support the STP Rapid Plan Programmes, including the Bus Service Development Plan, Active Travel, Mobility as a Service and Parking Plan.
  • Developing sustainable transport related policy within the upcoming Island’s Carbon Neutral Roadmap.

Louisa Phillips

Louisa joined the Government of Jersey in December 2020 to take forward the Sustainable Transport Policy. She started her career with Highways England developing strategic policy in road safety of the motorways and major trunk roads in England. Louisa is also a professional project manager, with experience across both technical and research transport projects and policy. In her current role she will be providing strategic advice on all aspects of sustainable transport whilst managing a programme of policy development and delivery to support the reduction of carbon emissions within the transport sector; specifically within the development of active travel, the bus service, parking provision and mobility as a service on the Island.

Sustainable Transport Event - General Information

This Sustainable Transport event ties in with COP26, the UN Climate Change Conference where world leaders are coming together to commit to urgent climate action.

The event will have two elements:

1. A series of transport related workshops to be held inside the Santander Work Café

2. Broad Street will host a display of vehicles that do not run on fossil fuels, such as electric vehicles and cargo bikes. This is to highlight sustainable alternatives to petrol and diesel vehicles, both for private and commercial use.

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