Laughter Yoga with Yogi Dada

An introduction to deep body laughter with an international laughter yoga guru. Expand your mind, boost your mood, strengthen your immunity, reduce stress, relieve aches and end your day feeling fantastic. Perfect for anyone of any age and fitness level; the only requirements are an appetite for fun and the willingness to explore new things. There is no cost to participate.

When we laugh deeply from inside ourselves, our chemistry changes, our physiology changes, and our chances of experiencing happiness increase substantially. Laughter Yoga is a tremendously fun and very powerful practice that can help to dramatically boost your mood, strengthen your immunity, reduce stress, relieve aches, and generally leave you feeling fantastic. The effects of one session can last for several days, and regular practitioners experience lifelong benefits. Laughter Yoga is about prepping the body and mind for happiness.

This introductory event will last for approximately one hour and is being held to spread wellness and good cheer for the benefit of all as we approach the end of another challenging year. Everyone is welcome to register and experience this amazing practice. There is no cost to participate.

Based on ancient yogic mental and breathing techniques combined with our modern, scientific understanding of physical and mental well-being, Laughter Yoga employs a series of simple but profound social games and breathing exercises in which men, women, and children of any age and fitness level, including seniors and those with mobility constraints, can participate. No experience is required, and no special yoga postures, twists, or stretches are involved. Laughter Yoga is hugely popular internationally and regular laughter clubs are to be found in cities and towns all over the world

This special session will be run by Yogi Dada from Mumbai. Yogi Dada is an experienced and qualified Laughter Yoga teacher-trainer of many years who travels far and wide. In addition to training new laughter yoga teachers, he leads laughter sessions for diverse groups of all sizes in corporate, social, and educational settings across four continents. He is particularly keen to welcome those in Jersey for whom this will be the first experience of Laughter Yoga.

The session culminates in a short laughter meditation so you are encouraged to wear comfortable clothes and bring something on which to lie down - a yoga mat, blanket, towel or similar would work very well.

Please register and join us for a fun and laughter-filled evening and feel free to invite your friends and family to do so too.

We encourage all attendees to follow government advice and take a lateral flow test before attending events to slow the spread of COVID-19.

By registering for this event, you agree that any photography or videography of the event and attendees may be used for promotional purposes. Your data may also be shared with the event hosts.