New 2 Me Clothes Swap


As part of Jersey Governments ‘New 2 Me’ campaign, we will be hosting a clothes swap event.

Swapping or buying second-hand clothing reduces the need for raw materials to make your clothes. This will be a fun and sustainable way to trade some of your old unwanted items for something that’s new to you, but not new to the earth.

The Government of Jersey's 'New 2 Me' campaign aims to inspire people to reduce the number of new items they buy and encourages sharing, swapping, re-using, buying second-hand, fixing and re-wearing items.

It’s simple:

1) Get a free ticket through this page

2) Drop off all of your unwanted clothing at our drop-off zones (Monday 20 September, 9 – 5, Tuesday 21 September, 3 – 5 or Thursday 23rd September, 1.30-4 at Santander Work Café) or bring them on the evening (we advise getting there earlier if this is the case)

3) Exchange them for tokens. You can donate as many clothes as you wish but will receive a max of 15 tokens and the system is as follows: (3 tokens: Coats, Jackets. 2 tokens: Jeans, Jumpers. 1 token: Skirts, Tops, Trousers, Shorts, Accessories)

4) Come down to the Santander Work Cafe on the 23rd September and use your tokens to get something New to you!

All items must be clean and in decent condition and you'll need to have at least one token to gain entry.

Any leftover clothes will be donated to charity! Please remember to bring your own bags.

With good tunes provided, this is the perfect opportunity to swap you unwanted clothes for pre-loved items and do your bit for the planet.

Government of Jersey are hosting several events throughout this campaign. We would like to encourage others to put on their own events and take action. If you would like any advice on putting on your own event, please contact

Please note that we will be taking photographs during the event and these may be used by Santander International and The Government of Jersey for promotional purposes. By registering for this event, you agree for your photo being used for promotional purposes.

By registering for this event, you agree for your information to be shared with the event presenters.