Online Privacy in a Post-Covid World

This talk will cover a number of new and increased risks that individuals and businesses face as a result of changes in the global privacy landscape as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Why should we care?
  • Is it ever acceptable to trade privacy for the “global good” of humanity?
  • What impact does increased government surveillance have?
  • Can safeguards ensure we don’t end up in a dystopian Orwellian future?
  • What can we do as individuals or businesses to mitigate these risks?

A number of solutions to traditional as well as new privacy concerns will be presented including top tips for keeping yourself safe online.

This talk will be delivered by Aonghus (Gus) Fraser, a privacy advocate and CEO of Revoke. Gus is a technology evangelist and leader with broad experience from his 20 years in senior technology roles for a number of organisations from bootstrapped start-ups to enterprise consultancy organisations. He co-founded Revoke to help consumers take back control of their personal data and also holds a number of advisory positions at fintech companies and other start-ups. Gus is a regular speaker at conferences on various topics including IoT, Identity, Cybersecurity and Blockchain technologies and is frequently asked to write about technology for a variety of publications.

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