Tap It Better Taster

Come and learn how the Tap It Better system can help you, your loved ones, or your team in this practical taster session.

Who doesn’t need to release at least one of the following? Stress, anxiety, overwhelm, fears, phobias, food cravings, self-sabotage and even physical symptoms - many of which known worsen with stress.

We will cover the science of my system, a combination of evidence-based EFT tapping and 3-Principles of mental health coaching, and, critically, you will get a chance to tap yourself calmer there and then.

The event will include 5 minutes on Tap It Better’s corporate wellbeing offerings and upcoming group coaching, both by popular demand, and a chance to have your questions answered.

For more information about Tap It Better please visit the Tap it Better website: www.tapitbetter.com or book a free 30 minute conversation with Yolanda: https://bit.ly/30FreeMinWYolanda